Brandon Volpe

Environment Artist

Brandon Volpe was born and grew up in the Metro-Detroit Area. He first began interested in Architecture and Engineering. He became interested in renderings and then he went on to learn 3D animation at Macomb Community College and from there he went on to a 4 year college in Grand Rapids Michigan called Ferris State University and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Digital Animation and Game Design. He is mainly a 3D specialist and prides himself in his ability to quickly create anything into 3D no matter what form it is given to him. He’s had the chance to do many things and wear many different hats. He has created 3D models for products, scenes, environments, props, landscapes, game cinematics, and has even done some game designing for his game studio at Frog Invasion Games. His knowledge and skills have allowed him to create amazing 3D models, structures, and environments. He strives to do the most outstanding work and continues to raise the bar on every new project.

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