Fox Theater Tutorial

Ge this amazing tutorial today

Build this project yourself and learn the technique of buildings in games

Follow along with this 20 video approximately each 20 minute long videos to build buildings in the unreal engine with techniques developed by Brandon Volpe.

Tutorial and 3d files with textures included to follow along with the texturing and modeling process in photoshop and 3ds Max.

Tutorial made in 3ds Max , Marmoset, and there is video of the unreal scene being made but those unreal files are that's not included. If you want that it is going to be on the unreal marketplace soon. This is the same workflow I used on another tutorial for a Chicago bank.

Included is the reference files photographs so you can use those to make your own textures from.

3ds Max file Included.

Set of video tutorial files MP4's include the bulk of the files

01_Introduction To Project
02_Starting Texturing Procedure
03_2D Paper Model:
03_2D Paper Model_Part1
03_2D Paper Model_Part2
03_2D Paper Model_Part3
04_Normal Maps:
04_Normal Maps_Part1
04_Normal Maps_Part2
04_Normal Maps_Part3
04_Normal Maps_Part4
04_Normal Maps_Part5
06_3D Geometry:
06_3D Geometry_A_Part1
06_3D Geometry_A_Part2
06_3D Geometry_A_Part3
06_3D Geometry_B_Part1
06_3D Geometry_B_Part2
06_3D Geometry_C_Part1
06_3D Geometry_C_Part2
06_3D Geometry_C_Part3
06_3D Geometry_C_Part4
06_3D Geometry_C_Part5
06_3D Geometry_D_Part1
06_3D Geometry_D_Part2
06_3D Geometry_E_Part1
06_3D Geometry_E_Part2
06_3D Geometry_E_Part3
06_3D Geometry_E_Part4
07_Finishing Final Model:
07_Finishing Final Model_Part1
07_Finishing Final Model_Part2
07_Finishing Final Model_Part3
07_Finishing Final Model_Part4
08_Preview Model In Marmoset:
08_Preview Model In Marmoset_Part1
08_Preview Model In Marmoset_Part2
09_Importing To Unreal Engine 4
10_Lighting and Final Touches

Other files include the texture jpg and more high res .png files
Renders of the 3ds Max Scene and Marmoset Scene
Included in the reference files photographs so you can use those to make your own textures from.

Get The Fox Theater Tutorial On Gumroad and learn the art and techniques

There are multiple versions of the tutorial available on Gumroad including Tutorial video files only, 3d models and texture files, and reference and original image files

 Or to get the Full tutorial and all the files and Go to

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