Shading and Texture are basic principles of any prop art I make

Here is some of my basic traditional prisma color makers showing shading and texture on serveral props including a zippo lighter, a monkey, a ornate leather chair, a wheel rim dub, a frog, and an elephant.

Color and the ablity to pop out of the image is what I strive for when creating objects

Here is a ghosh painting of still life fruit. It was painted from a picture and shows color and form as well as scale and texture.  Some of the grapes and strawberries were done in digital photoshop.

Props made for the notorious WarArm Game

My contributuion to the famous German made WarArm game in the 6 months I was a part of the amazing team I made these scenes for the game

WarArm Teaser Trailer and Update for Multiplayer in Action

WarArm is a game made in Unity and is a FPS Multiplayer. Here is the Teaser trailer from 2016 and an update from the 5th version.

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