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2023 Demo Reel

Material Artist Showreel 

Brandon Volpe's Material Art Demo Reel shows environments and their materials on 3D models using skills and techniques from his 14+ year knowledge in the 3D realm.


Take full advantage of my website and view my best tutorials over the internet on my website. Your beginning of 3d modeling and buildings in game starts here. Save the bookmark and save the delight when you see just how easy it is to create stunning buildings in games with little effort.

The Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI in Unreal

Texturing and Modeling a Next Gen Building of the classic Fox Theater in Detroit Michigan in Maya, Marmoset, and The Unreal Engine using the Quixel Suite and Photoshop.


Built in downtown Detroit, the Fox Theater is part of the Little Creasers Red Wing Family and is a great music theater.  That's why it was one of my best choices for buildings in Detroit to re-create in 3D space.  It's recognizable too, everyone knows the area and it's almost as Detroit as anything in Detroit. I only wish I would have done it sooner and had a pizza party when I finished it.  If there is anything I can do to show my love for Detroit, it is this Fox Theatre.

Modeling and Texturing a Next-gen Building for Games in 3ds Max

Modeling and Texturing and a Next Gen Building for Games in 3ds Max in Maya, Marmoset, using the Quixel Suite and Photoshop.

In this unique workflow with modular pieces of a building using 3ds max, quixel, photoshop and marmoset. Throughout these lessons I covered the modeling and texturing of a next-gen building in 3ds max and quixel. Starting by using a reference photo to create a texture sheet and how to use the grid to make the modular pieces. Then I went into modeling and making our physically based shaders, with the normal maps with quixel’s ndo, and adding the lighting and preview of the model and textures in marmoset.

Bring your next project together with my creative art and design services.

Environment & 3D Assets

Discover the high quality of my 3D models and services from awesome game assets to textures and materials.

3D Environment art creation techniques from concept art.

Collaborations and clients

Released Projects

Here are some of my mobile game and game environment projects that were released.

Street's Disciple UPDATE version 2.0 
2 versions of the game are available
Steam Store:
My responsibilities were:
-Environment art for 5 Levels
-Props for 2 Levels
-Managing and manipulation of blueprints to adjust the talents of each character.
-Re adjusting the UI and graphic design photoshop work

1. Demo Version - Original Version. Version 1.0 - Platform Fighter.  A battle platform fighter for a single player versus 3 computer controlled characters. You play as a street disciple ninja.

2. Actual game - Version 2.0 - This is the updated project of the fighting game that can be completely played throughout. From all of your favorite stages and characters from verison 1 the demo version.
[UE4] Main Menu Background “World at War: Operation Somalia.” Start Loading Screen

I used 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4 to make 3D models of buildings and props for World at War: Operation Somalia

[UE4] WWII Flak .88mm Gun Props for WarArm Video Game

My work from working with the WarArm Team


[CE3] US Open / Lexus Arcade Golf Cart Challenge - Racing Game - 3ds Max 3D models and Level

My main responsibilities were on the obstacles physics like the pot hole and water hazards, sand slow down and the damage effector of the golf cart on the final hole near the finish.

Mobile Game Releases

Submerge Underwater

Captain Wanted! In this military navel warfare game you play a submarine captain battling Akula class submarines and battle sea creatures like a giant monster ink spitting octopus, Navigate trying to avoiding sea mines and being imploded in this underwater world war II deep sea action endless side scroller.

The Casino Vault Robbery

Make your way into the vault. Do you have the skills to make your way and get passed 2 levels and the final vault level? This is an easy fast point game. When you beat levels you will be able to unlock more levels and unlock new features.

Vietnam Chopper

Vietnam Chopper is a shoot em up side scroller action quick shooting game. Vietnam Chopper is a fast paced and a quick and fun way to spend an evening. This time we went with a side scroller game and a massive shoot em up survival mode where your health bar is always at steak.

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